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How to Get Your Pickleball Mojo Back

Four ideas for how to get your pickleball mojo back

Ugh! I've lost my pickleball mojo!

Losing your pickleball mojo can happen suddenly or over time. Sometimes it results from an injury. Sometimes from a break. Sometimes from too much pickleball!

When it does go, the game all of sudden can seem a lot less fun. Even basic shots can seem challenging. Winning can seem impossible. Partners can seem intimidating.

How to Get Your Pickleball Mojo Back

What do you do when you lose your pickleball mojo?

First, don't panic! You're still a great player. Mojo’s ebb and flow in everything. This is pickleball, it hasn’t gone very far.

Here are several suggestions for getting your mojo back. We’ve seen them all work.

1.      Just keep playing. Working through it might take a few frustrating days – maybe even a week or two - but the funk will pass, you will get through it.

2.      Take a break. We’ve likely all been worried that taking a break will set us back. Then, we return from a break and we’re awesome! Breaks are good. They reset the body – and the mind.

3.      Play with someone who doesn’t put pressure on you. Someone who understands what you’re going through. Someone you don’t need to win every game with. Someone who is encouraging. Very often, getting your mojo back simply takes a few reminders of how awesome you are and how much fun the game is.

4.      Play with a coach. Do some drilling. Practice. Tune up your skills and boost your confidence. Eliminate all the negative thoughts about your game that built up for whatever reason.

Mojo is important. We don’t think about it as much when we’re playing well but it can be a heavy burden when we’re playing poorly, depressed and want to quit. Hang in there. It always, always passes!


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