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Join Our Community on Spond

Updated: Feb 2

The Deep River Pickleball Community on Spond

Deep River Pickleball has an active community of players that connect, share and set up games on our community app called Spond.

We have been using the Spond app now for a year. It has become the communications backbone of the Deep River Pickleball Community.

Spond can be used as a web or phone app. Go to or download the app from your phone's app store. It is free. Once you have set up an account on Spond, use the code OTRHU to join the Deep River Pickleball group. We will get a notification and connect you to the group.

Once you are on Spond, you can do lots of things.

Posts are visible to everyone in the group. The can be used to set up games, post information, pictures, etc.

The events tab can be used to schedule events, send and accept invites, and communicate with attendees.

Those using the phone app can use the messaging feature to communicate privately with one or more members of the group.

It's easy to conduct member surveys using the survey feature. We have used it several times to get member input on various subjects.

Finally, there is even a payment feature that event organizers can use to collect fees and payments.

Feedback from group members on Spond is very positive. Regardless of age, everyone has gotten comfortable using Spond to communicate. Compared to emails, and other, less private or full-featured apps, Spond makes being part of the Deep River Pickleball community very easy.

If you are interested in joining us on the Spond app simply download it, set up an account and use the code OTRHU. You will be glad you did!

If you have any issues just get in touch and we will sort them out for you.