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Pickleball Lessons in Petawawa

Pickleball lessons in Petawawa

If you are looking for pickleball lessons in Petawawa, Deep River Pickleball can help.

Even though we are called Deep River Pickleball, we teach and play pickleball all over. In fact, all three founders belong to pickleball clubs in Ottawa and Deep River. Two of the founders also have memberships at Dundonald Hall in Petawawa and play pickleball there regularly. We know Petawawa!

What Kind of Lessons are You Looking For?

Depending what kind of pickleball lessons in Petawawa you are looking for, we have several options. The include:

Introduction to Pickleball

First, we regularly do ‘Introduction to Pickleball’ courses. These courses are limited to 8, 12 or 16 participants and teach the very basics of pickleball including:

- How to hold a pickleball paddle

- How to hit forehand and backhand bounce shots

- How to hit forehand and backhand lobs

- How to serve and return a serve

- How to play a game and score

Participants leave with enough knowledge to head to their local court and start playing with other recreational players. It is enough knowledge to start having immediate pickleball fun!

Competitive Pickleball Fundamentals

Our second pickleball lesson option is for players with some experience who are looking to become more competitive. This ‘Pickleball Knowledge Share’ event is based on the IPTPA methodology of teaching from the net out. The net is where all the action happens in pickleball. Instruction covers:

- Pickleball fitness

- Paddle technology and grip

- Living in the ready position

- Dink shots

- Third shot drops

- Serves

- Returns of serve

- Game drills

Participants leave reminded of basics, educated on strategy and clear on what to master to become more competitive.

Private and Small Group Lessons, Coaching and Drills

In addition to these group events, Deep River Pickleball provides private, semi-private and other small group lessons, coaching and drilling. We can help you master a dink or a third shot drop. Tired of being banged at? We can help you slow down any game and win it based on strategy and patience, not power.

Where do you want to take your lesson?

We can arrange several options for you to take your lessons. Court space in Petawawa is somewhat limited. However, with a bit of time, we can arrange for you to play there. For those who don’t mind spending less than half an hour driving from Petawawa, we can arrange a variety of options. Just let us know what works for you and we will do what’s required to make it work for you.

Pickleball Lessons in Petawawa

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Deep River Pickleball if you are looking for pickleball lessons in Petawawa. In addition to lessons we can help you arrange court time, purchase equipment and meet other great players. Let us know. We are here to unlock your Petawawa pickleball potential!!

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