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Why You Should Try Pickleball - My Story

why you should try pickleball

I’ve actually never called any sport “my sport” before today.

“Pickleball” is certainly an unusual name. I just call it PB for short. Aside from its silly name, it’s a serious sport. Unusual in many ways, including that it is open to people of all ages and fitness levels. And it’s very easy to learn.

Not an Athlete!

Growing up, I always liked playing games, but I never really enjoyed participating in sports. I wasn’t very coordinated or competitive. As a teenager, most of my friends preferred concerts and partying – after all, it was the 70s. As an adult I traveled extensively in my career and made the effort to get outside and walk a lot. Walking kept me fairly active and fit, but I never really felt vital.

The Right Place. The Best People.

Moving to Deep River changed all that.

Seeking an activity to get me outdoors and discovering a healthy way to meet people in my new community, Pickleball fit the bill. The fun element of PB is high. The barrier to entry is low.

Just borrow a paddle, join a group of PB keeners, learn the rules and just play.

The town of Deep River had a small following of devoted players back in 2021. The core group of devotees were mainly women in their 70s and 80s. Seeing that gave me the confidence to try my first shot at Pickleball at age 62. One of the first rules they taught me was to always have fun. I like that! By my third pickleball game… I was hooked!

Weekday round robin games were indeed fun. I was able to meet many different players. People of all ages started hearing about Pickleball and tried it out. There were plenty of new players and partners to compete with. New friendships were formed.

The Benefits Have Been Amazing

For me, Pickleball is all about vitality. With this new-found vitality, I quickly realized that everything else in life started to become easier and better. Playing PB outdoors on a daily basis provided so many benefits.

For example, the everyday tightness in my shoulders and muscles completely disappeared. My creeky-knees have gone silent. My mental clarity in business increased. My creativity levels were re-stimulated. Our social schedule was filling up. Stressful people in my life drifted away. Even my memory improved.

I'm Competitive!

I also discovered that I am competitive. Competitive with myself of course, but also because playing PB with a partner means that I never want to let my partner down. Thinking about teamwork helped me ‘up’ my game. I quickly transitioned from recreational play to competitive play. I am continuously trying to improve my game, especially as I work with different partners. My hand eye coordination has improved tremendously. Now I can even play Ping Pong with some pizazz.

I also find it interesting that I think about pickleball a LOT.

Constantly, I'm strategizing about getting better and learning drop shots. I analyze what I did “right” or “wrong” in prior games. I watch YouTube videos of the pro’s. Last Fall, I signed up for group coaching and want to schedule some one-on-one coaching next. My backhand still needs a lot of help. I am happy with my serve. There are a few ‘Karen’ shots that I want to perfect and have up my sleeve to keep the competition literally on their toes.

Great for my Partnership

After getting hooked, I introduced Jim to PB. He was always athletic and grew up playing tennis. Before pickleball it used to be hard for us to find fun physical activities to do together. I think Jim was genuinely surprised about how much fun Pickleball was. He also loved that we could play pickleball together as a couple.

We really enjoy playing as a team. We play a lot. It’s also fun to play against each other and we have met the nicest people playing Pickleball. The social aspect is another wonderful benefit of the game.

I personally want everyone to know about this fun sport. I am a self-declared ambassador for pickleball. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can!

Who Knew?

Five years ago if you would have told me I would be living in Deep River, playing pickleball almost everyday and now starting a pickleball company, I would have said you were crazy. Now, it’s my mission to introduce this fun, vital game to everyone including kids, adults and anyone in a wheelchair. I especially want to reach out to all of the children that tried Tennis as kids and failed (like me!) and they gave up on racquet sports forever. I want to let these people know that Pickleball is different. Very different and it’s a good idea to try a racquet sport again – try Pickleball. It’s truly fun entertainment for the entire family.

You Should Try it! :)

If you haven't tried pickleball, do it! I still pinch myself when I see what is has done for me.