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Pickleball lessons your way!

Deep River Pickleball Lessons

Players who learn the fundamentals of pickleball from the beginning progress much faster than those who don't. We are very flexible in making it easy for everyone to learn well. Just choose the best pickleball lesson for you!


Also Petawawa Pickleball Lessons and Pembroke Pickleball Lessons.

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Group Lessons

Group pickleball lessons are scheduled regularly so new and experienced players can join in. There are two 'must learn' sessions: Introduction to Pickleball for beginners, and Fundamentals of Competitive Pickleball for those with some experience. Combine these lessons with some practice and we GUARANTEE you will be playing good pickleball in just a few weeks.


Private, Small Group Lessons Including Couples and Family

If group lessons aren't your thing or timing doesn't work, then bring your own private or small group. Whether it's learning to play pickleball or getting to the next level we will schedule a lesson plan around what you need. We have worked with children, couples, special needs and seniors. EVERYONE has fun learning pickleball.

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Lessons Gift Certificate

Looking for a unique gift? Give pickleball lessons! We will customize the lessons to whatever you want - private, group, one hour, two hours, lessons, drilling, etc. Just let us know. We even make it look pretty!


Unique Learning Experience

Full size, dedicated pickleball courts. Two instructors who join in to demonstrate, play, coach. Days, nights and weekends. Lesson Plan. Pickleball 3.0 - 3.5 Fundamentals Manual. Continuing education, drilling and coaching. Others will notice how well you're playing. WE GUARANTEE IT.

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Learn to play pickleball instruction manual Deep River, Pembroke and Petawawa.

Unlock your winning potential!

Are you ready to elevate your pickleball game? Our comprehensive “Winning Pickleball Fundamentals,” is your ticket to success on the court.


Learn how to control the court, master the net game and defend like a pro!​

Plus how to avoid the most common errors and win the easiest points.

Boost Your Confidence. Feel confident in every match, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player.

Get it on Etsy for only $2.99. Instant download to your computer.

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"This was an amazing reminder of the simple things I need to do to win."

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Get in Shape for the Pickleball Season

Tailored fitness coaching helps you stay in shape and get stronger and more agile for pickleball. In-person coaching in Deep River and area or video coaching is available through Baila Studio

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Deep River Pickleball Paddle Sales and Equipment Advice

Whether you are new at pickleball or more experienced, Deep River Pickleball carries the equipment you need to play your game. Through our relationship with Oliver Sport Canada, we stock indoor and outdoor balls as well as demo and loaner paddles in Deep River for anyone to use. We also have easy order access to Oliver's full line of quality paddles, shoes, protective eyewear and other pickleball equipment. Most orders only take two days to fill. Finally, if you are considering new equipment we can help you make the right choice. Just let us know what you are looking for. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you.

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