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Unlock your Petawawa Pickleball Potential!

Petawawa Pickleball Lessons, Coaching, Drilling

Welcome to Petawawa Pickleball Lessons

We love pickleball too!

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Deep River Pickleball has provided Petawawa Pickleball lessons to many Petawawa players. A number of them are now regular competitive pickleball champions in Ontario. Introducing players to the game and seeing them develop is the reason we love teaching.

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Upcoming Petawawa Pickleball Lessons

See What's On the Petawawa Pickleball Calendar

Pickleball Lessons in Petawawa

Pickleball lessons in Petawawa will begin in the summer. Pickleball is played in Petawawa at Dundonald Hall (winter indoors) and at the Petawawa Civic Centre (summer outdoors). 

Pickleball Lessons Near Petawawa

Petawawa Pickleball players regularly travel to Deep River and Pembroke for lessons and competition. The drive is less than half an hour. Deep River has full-sized, dedicated pickleball courts and flexible court bookings for days, evenings and weekends.

Learn to Play Pickleball - Updated: New Sessions!

Learn to play recreational pickleball in two hours! Two sessions.
Max 8 per session.
Sunday April 28, 2pm - 4pm - Baila Studio, Deep River 
or, Monday May 6, 2pm - 4pm - Baila Studio, Deep River
$25 including Court Time

The Next Level - Fundamentals of Competitive Pickleball

Start playing good, competitive pickleball. Fundamental strategy and competitive skills. Two sessions. Max 6 per session.
Monday April 29, 6pm - 8pm - Baila Studio, Deep River
or, Monday May 6, 6pm - 8pm Baila Studio, Deep River
$25 including Court Time

Beginners Mini Tourney!

Bring a partner and get competitive! We'll organize everything.
Max 4 teams.
Wednesday May 8, 7pm - 9pm Baila Studio, Deep River
$25 including Court Time

Build your Own - Flexible Timing, Instruction, Drills and Skills

Private, Semi-Private and Small Group - Learn Pickleball and take your game to the next level. Baila Studio, Deep River
$40/hour individual or $20/person semi-private, small group

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