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Pickleball Knowledge Sharing Event

Updated: Feb 2

February 19 is the second of two pickleball knowledge sharing events designed for those who are playing pickleball and looking to cement the fundamentals. The first event on January 22, 2003 was very successful. Feedback from first-year to seasoned players was the same - "I learned something that will change my game".

During this event, Hannah and Jim share learning they got from attending the IPTPA certification course and receiving their Level 1 certificates. IPTPA teaches pickleball from the net out including insight on warming up, choosing equipment and safety. Then it moves moving through set-up, dink shots, third shot drops, serving and returning. When it all comes together, the game of pickleball from the net out makes a lot of sense.

The session is a fast-paced three hours including breaks. The fourth hour is reserved for open play. It takes place from 1pm to 5pm at Mackenzie Community School in Deep River. Cost is $20/person. Participants must wear appropriate clothing and protective eyewear. At the January 22 session, Jim's mom provided home-made fudge. It was a huge hit and there could be a repeat in February!

Registration is limited to 16 participants to ensure safety and coaching quality.

There are two ways to sign up. First, by joining the Deep River Pickleball group on Spond (code OTRHU) and going to the events page on February 19. The second is to contact Karen at

If you are interested in finding out about taking your game t the next level, please join us. You will enjoy it!