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Podcast on pickleball paddle innovation.

'Replace your grit, not your paddle' - PIKKL

Canadian Duo Pickleball Coaching Blog
Zane Navratill and Dan Martinson

What pickleball paddle innovation do you want in your next paddle?

At some point, we all get interested in better understanding our pickleball paddle. We need more speed, or more control, or more both, or something that lasts longer than 4 months, or a bigger sweet spot....or.....

Pickleball Pod Podcast with Dan Martinson from PIKKL

This Pickleball Pod podcast is good. Dan Martinson is co-founder of PIKKL and a paddle nerd. You will find his insight on current pickleball paddle innovation (the peel and stick skins are really cool) in paddle technology interesting and get a much better sense of what's in yours. Check it our here. Dan starts at around the 21 minutes mark.


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