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Things To Do in Deep River

Updated: Feb 2

things to do in deep river

Pickleball is one of the best things to do in Deep River. During the summer, we can play pickleball outdoors by the Ottawa River. In the winter, there are a number of indoor options so we are not playing pickleball outdoors in the snow!

Pickleball Isn't the Only Thing To Do in Deep River

Aside from pickleball, Deep River is loaded with things to do. In fact, it is quite unusual for a smaller town to have so many options. One reason for that is the town’s history. Deep River started as a planned community for nuclear scientists from all over the world. They weren’t boring people and immediately went about starting and building every Club they could imagine – from golf to tennis, bridge to orchestra music. There was even a gliding club with a small glider port and tow plane on the east side of town. Deep River still has a small airport on the west side of town.

This link provides current info and contacts for most organizations in Town.

Our Favourite Things to Do in Deep River

Depending on the season, our favourite things to do in Deep River include:

Summer things to do in Deep River

- Playing pickleball by river at the yacht club

- Sailing on the Ottawa River

- Hiking the Four Seasons Trails

- Swimming at Pine Point Beach

- Golfing at the Golf Club

Winter things to do in Deep River

- Playing pickleball everywhere that’s available

- Cross-Country skiing on the 4 Seasons Trails

- Downhill skiing at the Double Dip Ski Hill

- Curling at the Curling Club

- Trivia night at Longshots Bar

Deep River Named 2023 4th Best Place to Live in Canada

With all the things to do in Deep River it isn’t a big surprise that Moving Waldo, a website that provides moving support services, named Deep River the 4th Best Place to Live in Canada in 2023.

"The Deep River area has stunning scenery and wide rivers, so it’s the perfect place to go boating," the website's description of the town said. "The area also offers hiking trails, which are found across the Ottawa River."

Moving Waldo’s criteria for choosing the best places to live in Canada were safety, affordability and access to public parks and recreation. Deep River’s crime severity index is 21.7 which is well below the national average of 73.7.

You Won't be Bored in Deep River

If you are thinking of moving to Deep River don’t worry. You will find lots of things to do and lots of great people to do things with. If you are interested in pickleball check out Deep River Pickleball. Our community group on Spond has over 50 members and growing.

Enjoy Deep River!