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Baila Studio Adds Pickleball

Baila Studio Pickleball

Baila Studio in Deep River has added Pickleball to their fitness activity offering.

Located in the heart of downtown Deep River, Baila occupies a large, cozy space in what was originally an Eaton's department store. Baila offers fitness, yoga and spin coaching - in-person and on-line.

Pickleball is a perfect fit for Baila's offering. Not only is it fun, healthy and social it's also growing by leaps and bounds in popularity. Demand for court time exceeds supply in most communities. Baila's large space can accommodate up to three courts. Currently there are two - both with permanent, painted lines.

Drop in-fee to play pickleball at Baila is $5 an hour. Courts can be booked on-line through CLASSFIT. Times are available all day, every day. There are washrooms, refreshments and even a small retail store for Baila merch and other fitness products.

To stay in touch with its pickleball community, Baila has its own Spond group. Spond is a popular sports club app for staying in touch, setting up games and running events. To join the Baila Spond group, go to your phone's app store and download the Spond app. Create a personal account, then use the code SKRQL to join the Baila group.

Baila Studio also has a significant social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Deep River Pickleball is pleased to team up with Baila Studio to provide pickleball lessons, skills, drills and coaching. Our Introduction to Pickleball session runs two hours on Saturday March 23. A second session will be held on the 30th. Sign up on this site.

Beginning Tues March 19, we will be leading a three week Skills and Drills program for intermediate players. Sign-up on this site for this session also.

We will be scheduling additional Introduction to Pickleball and Skills and Drills clinics with Baila Studio through the spring. Stay tuned to this site for more updates.

We are really looking forward to working with Lesley and the Baila Studio team as they roll out their Pickleball programs in Deep River.


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