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Why Pickleball is Perfect for Deep River Team Building

Updated: Feb 2

pickleball team building event

Are you looking for a unique, fun and perfect Deep River team building event? Try pickleball!

Why Pickleball is so good for team building

The soaring popularity of the sport isn’t just a fluke or a soon-to-flame-out trend. The same elements that make pickleball such a popular sport are key to its team-building popularity. They include:

1. Everyone can learn the basics quickly and have fun participating.

Unlike tennis or golf which take a lot of practice and physical skill just to hit the ball, pickleball is easy to pick up and play the first time. The pickleball is a wiffle ball that is larger than a tennis ball. It travels slower than a tennis ball and is easier to hit. The pickleball racquet (paddle) is like an over-sized ping-pong racquet. It is light and easy to control.

2. A pickleball game takes less than 15 minutes to play.

Not only are you not stuck out on a golf course all day, it’s possible to actually play with everyone else on the team in an hour or two.

3. Pickleball is a team sport.

In doubles pickleball there are two players per side, each covering off part of the court. How each player covers off their part of the court depends on strategy, skill and communication.

4. Pickleball is a gender and age-neutral sport.

In pickleball, everyone can play. Everyone can compete against everyone. Women can compete against men. Teenagers against retirees. Having fun and even winning at pickleball has more to do with consistency and strategy than it does with overpowering an opponent.

5. Pickleball is very social.

The court is the same size as a badminton court and less than half the size of a tennis court. That makes it easy for everyone on the court to talk, laugh and play together. My wife was first attracted to pickleball for its laughter. Even though she had never played a competitive sport in her life, she could not stay away from an activity with so many clearly happy people.

6. Pickleball is cool.

Thanks to its soaring popularity, most people have heard something about pickleball even if they haven’t played it. Doing pickleball is a team-building event is a modern spin (literally) on a traditional bonding activity.

7. Pickleball will have lasting benefits for the people who play it.

Some people who try pickleball at a team building event will inevitably take it up as a sports activity. The benefits of that are numerous:

· Physical health

· Mental health

· Couples health

· Competition

· Friends

· Strategy

· Sportsmanship

· Laughter

Pickleballers are happy, healthy people. Many are quite competitive. Even though pickleball is an easy sport to try, mastering it competitively is a challenge that requires a lot of athletic and mental skills. There are many similarities between success on a pickleball court and success in any organization.

Considering Pickleball as a Deep River Team Building Event?

If your team building goals are to bring people together; try something a little different; compete while having fun; leave feeling motivated and enthused – then pickleball is the team building event for you. It’s affordable and easy to book.

To learn more about the benefits of booking pickleball for your team building event, reach out to us here at Deep River Pickleball and we will get you set up.